How to fix brightness problem in Windows 10 (2 Methods) Screen Brightness Won’t Change00:00

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Unable to adjust screen brightness in windows 10? OR screen brightness automatically getting reduced and increased? You can fix these two problems easily by two simple methods.

Method #1: 0m12s

Right-click on windows start button\device manager\Monitors\double click to expand it. Now right click on the item under it and “Enable” it. Right-click again on it and “update the driver software”.

Method #2: 1m05s

In the device manager window itself: double click Display adapters to expand it. Right-click on each item under it and update the driver software to the latest driver AS SHOWN IN THE VIDEO. Now click on the bottom right notifications icon/all settings icon. Now click on the brightness icon in the popup window to adjust the screen brightness!

You may need to RESTART your computer in some cases to apply the changes you have made! Please consider a LIKE, if it works for you

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