Technology is world widely known to almost all the people around. You landed on this page because probably you are looking for a solution to a technological problem concerning computers, laptops, software, games android phones or maybe get some insight on the trends in the modern technological world. The term SAGE; means a wise person or a spiritual teacher; a man or woman of gravity and wisdom, especially a teacher venerable for years and of sound judgment and prudence. Synonyms to the word Sage are; pundit, deep thinker, egghead and intellectual.

Technology Sage Videos Site ( was born from TechnologySage blog and it provides videos on general technology solutions, guides, tips and tricks to all matters mobile phones, computers, software and games. OS and firmware upgrade guides, purchase guides and general technology tweaks are also available.

This site also accepts technology related videos from guest users who can submit their video(s) for publication free on this website.

We therefore, welcome you to this site, watch and learn.

The Person Behind This Site:

Technology Sage was founded by Jeff Nali back in November 2014. It has since been on the rise competing fairly with related sites and our quality has been proved unmatched. The introduction of this Videos site barely two months since we launched the Technology Sage Forum, which has over 10,200 members as at now (Nov, 25th 2017), proves that we’re not gonna stop there. After acquiring my Bachelors Degree in Commerce (B.Com) from University of Nairobi, I followed my passion for technology and let’s just say I feel fulfilled by what I have done so far.

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