Best Notepad Tricks & Hacks + Codes [Part 1] [#07]12:38

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Notepad is a simple program for reading and writing txt files, but there’s something else you can do with it. You can mess around with commands like in MS DOS back in the day. Here are some of the best notepad tricks and hacks.

This video is a part of the series where I try to show you something useful and interesting to do with your PC (besides, you know, watching that clickbait-y ‘must see’ video on YouTube while you’re supposed to be studying/working lol). [#07]


Part 2:…

1. Make your PC faster
2. Exact time and date
3. Format Hard Disk Drive

1. Shutdown virus
2. Open your Cd Drive
3. Matrix falling text
4. Chatbox
5. Notepad colors

1. Startup shutdown virus!
2. Delete Windows folder
4. Disable Everything!
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