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I guess its needless to say everyone needs a VPN. To both access the websites restricted by your ISP or government and also keep your internet traffic secure. So everyone deserves a VPN.

When it comes to many VPN providers, the prices may not be as cheap, and many people may not be able to afford it. One more problem that comes with using VPN services of a company is to judge how trustworthy that VPN is, whether it is truly a no log VPN, or if they indeed maintain a log of your Internet traffic, which kind of nullifies the whole concept of using a VPN.

So, one solution to this, create your own VPN and use it. Now it might look a bit crazy, but it is actually pretty simple. You can create your own VPN in less than 10 minutes, and start using it, or even let your friends use it.

This way, you know for sure that your Internet traffic is actually secure, and it is not being handled with.

And most importantly you can do all of this, without any coding.

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