Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Review: Pulling Out All The Stops00:00

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The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is what you get when a company takes a swing at doing everything right, landing all the punches, and delivering on all fronts. When we talk about Chromebooks and what makes them great, the pillars are pretty simple: build quality, screen, keyboard, trackpad, internals/speed, and battery. Most of the other stuff can be forgiven. We can live with sub-par speakers or a different port selection than we’d like, but if the pillars listed above don’t deliver, there’s simply a feeling of incompletion.

With Chromebooks, this is unfortunately the norm. Devices large and small tend to get some or most of the main pillars right, but fail in a few areas. We’re left saying things like, “If the screen was just a bit better – passable, even – then this would feel like the perfect Chromebook.” To be fair, this is true of phones, tablets, Macbooks, iPads and Windows laptops alike, but the feeling is always the same. A few tweaks here and there feel like they could have been made along the way and some of these good devices would go from OK to extraordinary.

Largely, however, this reality just isn’t the case with the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook. Instead, I’m left with a very short list of things I could ask for to be changed (preferences, really) and a single flaw that may make this otherwise-brilliant Chromebook a non-starter for some of you. Other than that one flaw, however, Samsung has delivered a package that undoes what I routinely expect when reviewing a Chromebook.

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