Tor vs VPN | Which one should you use for privacy, anonymity, and security00:00

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Ultimate comparison between Tor and Virtual Private Networks – which one is better for anonymity, privacy and security? Which should you trust and use?

Virtual private network? Or The Onion Router? Both of these tools are marketed to people looking for better privacy and anonymity on the Internet.

Many regular people that choose VPNs do so to prevent their ISPs from spying on their browsing history and selling it to advertisers. What they don’t realize is that they are not enhancing their privacy – they are just delegating the trust to a different company.

Your VPN provider acts as your entry and exit node. They know your true IP address and they know what websites you visit. If they want to, they can log this activity at any time. If they are required by law enforcement, they can hand over all of your browsing data to them.

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