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Explained with schematic and printed circuit diagram. How to make a Laser Light Security Alarm.
Circuit of Laser Light Security System was designed using EasyEDA:…
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A laser alarm system operates by projecting a beam of invisible laser light across a doorway or window opening. When the light is broken, it activates a buzzer or alarm.

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LIST OF USED COMPONENTS and their Links |SELECTED by TechEasyZone|
# Plain PCB (Printed Circuit Board) (x1) | |
# PCB Etching Solution (Ferrous Chloride) (x1)
# Transistor – BC-548 OR BC-547 (x2) |
# Resistor – 100 ohm (x3)
# LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) (x1) |
# LED (Light Emitting Diode) (x1)
# Buzzer (x1)
# DC Switch (x1)
# DC Socket (x1)
# DC Adapter (5V) (x1)

# Battery Holder (x1) |
# Laser Diode (x1) | |
# ON/OFF Push Button Switch (6 pin) – (x1)

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