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What SIM does stand for? It means the subscriber identity module or subscriber identification module. The first SIM card in the world was developed in 1991 by the German company Giesecke & Devrient. They sold 300 SIM cards to Radiolinja, a Finnish wireless network operator. In 1992, they sold the first GSM mobile phone with a SIM card; it was a Nokia 1101. Today, it’s hard to find a person who’s never used a SIM card – over 7 billion gadgets around the world use them to make calls, send SMS and surf the web.

Why do I need a SIM card?

Can my phone work without a SIM card?

How does a SIM card work?

Can someone track my location with the help of a SIM card?

Do SIM cards break?

Why are SIM cards getting smaller?

The future of SIM cards

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