full rebuild of WD passport to get data recovered25:02

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tools we use: https://www.acelaboratory.com/catalog/

This hard drive was sent to us by another data recovery company. After a heavy fall, this drive left most of the head sliders on the surfaces of the disk. Our client also mentioned that the hard drive was making buzzing/beeping noises. All 6 sliders broke off from the suspension. First, we had to locate and plunk all heads that were stuck to disks. Once all 6 heads were found, this drive was decontaminated and rebuilt with a donor head assembly. To work with USB interfaced drives in PC3000, we convert them to SATA first. After the rebuilt and PCB adaptation, hard drive kept buzzing on startup indicating a spinup problem. This issue was later resolved by a platter transplant into a donor chassis. PC3000’s WD utility was used to prep and image out the content. The hard drive was recovered fully, and the data was saved.

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